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राजकीय वरिष्ठ माध्यमिक आदर्श विद्यालय तकलेच में विश्व पृथ्वी दिवस के उपलक्ष में विभिन्न गतिविधियों का आयोजन किया गया।आबकारी विभाग ने 6805 लीटर अवैध शराब बरामद कीराज्यपाल ने परवाणु में जल जनित रोगों की रोकथाम एवं नियंत्रण संबंधी उपायों की समीक्षा कीप्रदेश में क़ानून व्यवस्था की स्थिति लचर, महिलाओं पर बढ़ रहे अपराध के मामले : डॉ सीमा ठाकुर सरकार उठाएगी पीड़ित बिटिया के इलाज का पूरा खर्च : मुख्यमंत्रीराज्यपाल ने परवाणु में जल जनित रोगों की रोकथाम एवं नियंत्रण संबंधी उपायों की समीक्षा कीसीएम के सुजानपुर दौरे ने भरा कार्यकर्ताओं में जोश , एकजुटता देख सुक्खू का खिला चेहरा मेरा वोट मेरा भविष्य" थीम पर 28 अप्रैल को आयोजित होगी साइकिल रैली


Anil jamwal 7018631199 | September 09, 2023 04:12 PM


Sh. Nand Lal Sharma Chairman & Managing Director, SJVN informed that SJVN has obtained Anti-Bribery Management System Certification (ABMS) ISO 37001:2016. He further said that every SJVNite is proud of this achievement as SJVN is the first Power Sector PSU to get this certification. ABMS is a Management System which helps in preventing, detecting & responding to the act of bribery.
Sh. Sharma further said that ABMS certification granted by Bureau of India Standards (BIS) is testament to SJVN’s unwavering commitment to implement robust anti-bribery Policies and Procedures. He further said that at SJVN, we ensure that all employees and stakeholders adhere to ethical standards. He further said that in SJVN we believe integrity is the foundation of responsible citizenship and sustainable development.
Sh. Nand Lal Sharma said that the certification is granted upon successful implementation of ISO 37001:2016 standards across 14 locations on SJVN. These locations include Corporate HeadQuarters Shimla, Liaison Office Delhi and twelve (12) other project locations in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, and Gujarat.
Sh. Nand Lal Sharma praised the efforts of Sh. Prem Prakash (IOFS), Chief Vigilance Officer SJVN who along with his team played an active role in the process of achieving this certification.
Anti-Bribery Management System (ISO 37001:2016) Certification is an International Standard, which provides solutions for eradication of bribery related incidents and concerns. The system includes Anti Bribery Policy, Appointment of Person(s) to oversee anti-bribery compliance, training, risk assessment and instituting reporting and investigation procedures.

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